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Spooky Science is an event that Further Theatre has held over the past two years in the Autumn half term. Spooky science is a fun educational show that mixes the spooky elements of Halloween and the real life science behind paranormal activity.

British Science Week is a 10 day celebration of science and technology and engineering. Further Theatre has run events at schools and with community groups over the past 5 years. We offer a range of dynamic fun and exciting shows and workshops from Isaac Newtons to Crazy Chemical Reactions, Space and The Animal Kingdom. In late 2021 Further Theatre partnered with Applecart Arts and Newham council to create a christmas show at Green Street Market in Upton Park East London. The Science of Christmas tells the story of a young scientist that doesn’t believe in Christmas. He can’t get behind all the cheering, singing and giving of gifts. With a lot of science and a little magic our scientist finds the true meaning of Christmas – in the imagination.

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