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Further Theatre also offers 3 shows with accompanying workshops to be performed at your school. 

Remember Remember – For the past two years we have performed our Remember Remember show and workshop on the story of Guy Faulks and the Gun Powder Plot. The show is historically informative and stimulates children’s imaginations as they join in with telling the story of Guy Faulks, and get to see inspiring  live pyrotechnics. 

Anglo Saxonia – Anglo Saxonia is the story of the Marauding Anglo Saxons who ruled England from around 500 AD – 1066. Like everyone that came to Britain they came here on Boats and left an indelible mark on our language, culture and history. 

I am Gavrilo Princip – Our hit show I am Gavrilo Princip is available to be performed in schools and colleges. This critically acclaimed one hour show with live music tells the story of his life, his legacy and the world he left behind forever changed.