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We are Further Theatre. Further Theatre is an Essex-based theatre company that specialises in exploring little known narratives and stories throughout history and presenting them in an engaging and dynamic style for contemporary audiences. We also work with live musicians to create original scores for our shows; creating theatre as an imaginative, physical and audible experience.

As well as writing and producing shows of critical acclaim, we also deliver theatre in education / drama and PSHE workshops for young people aged 5-18. Our Theatre in Education shows explore History, Literature and Drama to make these subjects fun and accessible to young learners. Our PSHE talks and workshops focus on the pressing issues that young people face in our rapidly changing world and are designed to give our participants a grounded environment to discuss the issues pertinent to them as young people.

We have delivered drama workshops in partnership with Newham Council,  Essex County Council, the British Army and to young people across London and the south-east. These workshops are designed to get young people interested in drama and boost our participants’ self-esteem and communication skills. Our workshops provide a great platform to get young people bonding and expressing themselves through drama.



Theatre in Education